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The AtmosRx Jr Vaporizer comes semi pre-assembled, but requires charging prior initial use. If compared with the original AtmosRx this vaporizer is a lot smaller, making it easier to carry when travelling. This portable dual use vaporizer is a handheld vaping device which uses advanced microchip technology for consistent heating of your material.

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Atmos Rx personal vaporizers are ideal for those who want to ski down a mountain, play volleyball on the beach or spend a lazy day at home on the couch and everything in between. Made with your need for discretion and style in mind, this advanced vaporizer heats your herbs evenly in a closed chamber and minimizes the aromas released.

Atmos RX Vaporizer

ABOUT THE ATMOS RX. The AtmosRx is a direct draw portable vaporizer that resembles a fountain pen. Hence it is known as a pen vape due to its stylish and sleek design. The AtmosRx advanced microchip technology ensures an exact temperature to eliminate overheating or burning the plant substance.

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ATMOS Nano Buttonless Vape Pen. The ATMOS Nano vape pen is an auto-draw buttonless vaporizer for prefilled 510 thread cartridges. It’s slim-style design and simple functionality make it great for people who are new to vaping or for those who need a low-priced auto-draw vape pen from a reputable manufacturer.

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Atmos Nation, LLC (“Atmos”) is a global company specializing in the design and manufacture of portable vaporizers. Their products are subject to the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control.

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The AtmosRx is a portable vaporizer that looks like a fountain pen with its sleek and stylish design. It uses an advanced microchip technology which prevents overheating and burning of …

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Atmos Raw, also known as the Atmos Rx, is one of the best-selling, most popular vaporizer pens of all time. Well known for it's ability to vape dried herbs at the press of a button, this high quality pen has been generally well-received in the vape community.

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Atmos Rx Vaporizer vs AGO G5 Vape Pen When it comes to portable vaporizer pens, the Atmos Raw Rx and AGO G5 Vape Pen have grown quite popular. While both the AtmosRx and AGO G5 have a great pancake style vape coil, the AGO G5 vape battery has an LCD screen with an indicator that lets you know how much battery is remaining and how many puffs have you taken since charging last.


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Atmos RX Vaporizer The AtmosRx is an American made, small, portable, battery powered pen vaporizer. In the past couple of years pen vaporizers (also known as vapor pens) have grown very popular because they are very easy to carry and use on the go.

Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pen

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AtmosRx Vaporizers AtmosRx is an innovative vaporizer maker known globally for making one of the smallest portable vaporizer in the market. Holding a multitude of patents and trademarks, AtmosRx are also known for their formidable quality accompanied by affordable price point. Thanks to their in-house engineers for their dedication and hard work. AtmosRx did not […]

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Atmos vaporizer pens are extremely popular and are one of the best vape pen brands in the US. However, on rare occasions, someone will run into a problem with either the dry herb heating chamber or battery. While I think the overall rate is low, given how many of these vape pens

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Enjoy a delightful balance of power and portability in the AtmosRx Vaporizer! Find it and more for great prices here at!

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Jan 08, 2014 · Atmos Jr (Junior) Vape vs Atmos Raw Rx -- Dry Herb / Wax Vaporizer Pen Comparison - Duration: 3:17. Vape Vet Store 121,590 views. 3:17. Using E-Juice and E-Liquid with Atmos Rx, ...

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First Rate Atmos A-Pen Accessories. Atmos has been providing vapers with excellent products for several years now. These go beyond Atmos A-Pen vaporizer replacement parts. If you have a penchant for vaporization products that are all about cutting-edge technology, Atmos should be …